I am a veterinary surgeon who owns and runs a small animal veterinary clinic. In my spare time, I work with pixels on my computer screen to create still and moving illusions - I am a CG hobbyist who has been lucky enough to lend my skills to a number of projects, large and small, commercial and non-commercial and develop a new and varied skill set along the way.
I originally started out with Imagine on an Amiga 500 back in the early 90's. With the advent of Lightwave and its groundbreaking use in 'Babylon 5' my skills and enthusiasm moved on. I started doing opening videos for local science fiction conventions and eventually found myself involved the local 'Star Wars' fan film scene, contributing visuals to "Bounty Trail', 'Desert Dual' and my own short, 'Sacrifices' - all still eking out an existence on the net on YouTube even today. Through those I met Cameron Smith, a man with an eye for the foibles of the  burgeoning art of compositing. No longer was I constrained to having to accomplish everything 'in camera', so to speak, in Lightwave - I could model, animate and render out elements which Cameron would then apply his After Effects skills to and produce something that went beyond the mere sum of the parts.
We ended up collaborating on the visual effects for Nick Hallam's 'Star Wars: Broken Allegiance' which proved popular on the internets and gained us a measure of credibility. We decided to set up a small company together - 'Fingers To The Bone' - working on a number of commercial projects, increasing our skills and making some money in to the bargain.
Cameron was eventually snapped up by Weta Digital in New Zealand, starting out with 'Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King', then working his way through 'King Kong', 'I Robot' and 'Avatar' contributing to a few Oscars along the way. Already having a day job with a reassuring air of job security, I have carried on with 'Fingers To The Bone' as a one man entity, finally deciding to move on and work under my own shingle.
I consider myself a journeyman in both my veterinary career and my pixel related endeavors, I would not presume to claim to be an expert as such in either, but find myself content to persevere and learn from the challenges that arise in both. My current toolbox includes Modo, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Vue Xstream and Poser and on a good day I even manage to get them all to play well with one another.