Friday, October 16, 2015

Pirates and Hunters...

Couple of updates from recent work.

First up is a model for the opening episode of 'Starship Challenger' - the Orion Pirate vessel first seen in the animated Star Trek series from Filmation. There were only a couple of views from the episode which gave a vague idea of the shape.

There are a couple of models out there on the interwebs, but I wanted to try and create my own take on the design. There were a couple of iterations, but this is the version that was finally approved.

The emblems on the wings and nose are the Orion emblem from the FASA role playing game - just to add another geeky reference into the mix.

Second up is a model that was meant to be for the new SyFy channel show, 'Hunters'. Unfortunately, the VFX work was given to another vendor in the end, so my work was nixed before I had a chance to finish it. The Hunter Pod was a very organic shape - something a little out of my hard surface comfort zone. I modeled out the general shape as a subdivision surface in Modo and was then planning add the organic surface detail using Cinema 4D's sculpting tools. I had got the model to a fully UV'ed stage ready to transfer to Cinema when the plug was pulled.

Sadly, that's life in the commercial world. I might go back at some point and finish off the sculpt as a personal project.