Monday, January 20, 2014

A Capital Idea!

More work on the Polaris front - this time a United Worlds Capital ship. Once again the original concept is by Jason 'Vektor' Lee.

Here's the model as it stands at the moment.

One of the challenging parts has been the greeble detail sections. The brief was detail similar to the flat aspects of the Nebulon B Medical Frigate seen at the end of 'The Empire Strikes Back'. I was initially a little stumped as to how to achieve this. Luckily, Modo has a replicator function which allows you to place mesh items over the polygons of a mesh. A bit of a climb up the learning curve and a few hair pulling sessions trying to wrap my head around how Modo treats its polygon normal vectors and how that determines the replicator placement/orientation and I finally managed to produce something that looked right.

More detail to be applied ( Fabio 'Meshweaver' Passaro's Nurnie collections are invaluable at this stage!), then it's on to texturing... More to come.


  1. That's really sweet. I love the design and you're doing a fantastic modeling job, as usual. How big is it? It looks huge, due to the window size and spacing.

  2. Looks stunning and the scale in impressive