Saturday, November 9, 2013

Family Business....

Here is one of those odd ironic moments. My Dad used to work as an engineer on Britain's Polaris submarine fleet. My latest project has been some model work for Neo-F/X for Dennis Bailey's 'Starship Polaris' project. Odd, huh?
My first build is an Atlas class Transhuman Authority Transport - as outlined in the sketch below - I think the artist may be Jason 'Vektor' Lee who designed and built the hero Polaris vessel.

The brief was to build two versions - one weathered and one damaged - although ultimately there are three - one factory clean to get the base textures, then the weathered and damaged versions.

Like the Polaris, the shuttle features fold out 'sails' which I gather are part of the FTL drive assembly. It has a vaguely insect like quality to it - reminds me of a flea for some reason.
With that nailed down, I moved on to the damaged version.


Fun with fire damaged hull panels and exposed airframe details.