Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's A Lot Less Bovver Than A Hover...

Here's an interesting little tale that illustrates the tortuous development that a model can undergo when the initial concept has not been 'nailed down' so to speak.
I was approached by Michael Struck over at Neo F/X to see if I could build a hovercraft for a project he was working on. Initially it was going to be an industrial concept with plates and rivets. I was rubbing my hands with glee and looking to drag my Airfix SR-N1 kit out of storaage to get some reference material.

However, the concept rapidly changed to something more like the VW Aqua concept that has turned up on the internets recently, only with a more 'retro' feel.

Good chance to get my head around some automobile style sub division modeling, I thought to myself. After some false starts, I finally came up with this.

Good model, but not retro enough. The word from on high was to dump the hovercar concept and go more for a 50's/60's rocket car look. Back to the graphics tablet I went.

Shiny chrome rocket sled it was. This two seater version was to prove a little too compact. Out went the canopy and seats, in went a larger cockpit window.

Interesting progression...

Just in case you were wondering, the title comes from a mid eighties UK advertising campaign extolling the virtues of a standard lawnmower over that of the new fangled Flymo hover mowers that were all the rage at the time - interesting what tangential ideas the mind can throw up.


  1. Interesting design progression. The modern/slightly future-ish hover care is fantastic, but my favorite is the retro rocket-style two seater. That's just cool, in my opinion. I love 50s/60s (and earlier) retro style stuff. Sure, the bigger version is cool too, but I love the bubble canopy on the two seater, that's so retro and cool.

    I was working on a retro rocket concept in Lightwave a few months ago while I was still learning the software (though, really, I still am learning the software.) Though, I hadn't nailed down my technique for doing some things, so I got frustrated and had to quit. I think, after seeing this, I need to go back to that and apply what I know now to the project. :)

  2. I tend to agree with Evil Genius in the two seater canopy rocket design is the winner, especially in that third pic which looks really groovy.

    One could almost see a day in the distant future when people are cruising around in ships like these.

    Great work for sure.

  3. I agree - the two seat version is my favourite as well - seems to fit the 50s/60s vibe. Might look at finishing it off and perhaps making up a couple of passengers in Poser and see how it looks in a proper environment.