Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Touch of TAS...

Here's the latest version of Starbase 15. Still more detail to add, only the basic colour scheme at this point but starting to look the part.

And here's a rough comp that was needed for an on screen graphic during filming on the Ajax bridge later this week.

The script calls for a number of ships to be seen around the station as the Ajax arrives. Thought it might be nice to have a few cargo craft as well as Starfleet's more typical ships of the line. Gave me an excuse to make a start on a Sherman class Cargo Drone - as seen in Star Trek - The Animated Series - 'More Tribbles, More Trouble' if I remember rightly. At the moment I have gone for the cargo pods shown on the Starstation Aurora blueprints rather than the grain pods seen in the TAS episode.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

That's Still No Moon...

Since it looks like the Ajax vignette has been put on the frontburner, time to get Starbase 15 dusted off, detailed and a coat of paint on. The asteroid has changed since the previous version - more potato like was the request and the hanger bays have been redesigned. Added what will eventually be an arboretum/environment dome on top and further details as well.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ajax Test Footage

Yes, you read that right - footage. Finally got the Ajax to a stage to start animating and testing out some of the technical cheats I need for production. I've kept the lighting flat to give it more of a 60's feel - might play around with adding in a little specularity. There are corridors/rooms behind the windows to give a little depth, even room to add in a few characters at windows to spruce things up. Also managed to get a look for the bussard animation that works - starting to love Cinema 4D's global illumination engine. Still debating on whether I illuminate the impulse engine or not - dark in the original TOS footage, illuminated in the Remastered footage - depends which way TPTB wish to go.

Ajax Test Preview from Henry Gibbens on Vimeo.