Tuesday, February 14, 2012

USS Santee - no longer in gray!

Update on the Santee.
Since the FJ/FRS/SotSF material all features grid lines as part of the ships, I have elected to build the grid in to the mesh rather than have it just as part of the texturing. When I was building the Ajax I was tasked with basing everything off the smooth 11 foot TOS Enterprise, here I feel I have a bit more leeway.
Texturing is now underway - I have finally knuckled down and tried to get my head around some of Modo's UV tools and reworked how I create the UV maps for the various sub-assemblies. I have kept the texturing from the 11 footer, but made it a bit subtler compared to my earlier efforts. Also streamlined my methods for applying registries and markings. Still some way to go, but it's certainly advanced from the clay render gray stage.
Having used the Santee as a test bed for new ideas, I can start applying what I have learnt to the Endeavor and the Achernar and bring those up to speed.


  1. Wow! Your texture treatment is superb. You really nailed the color - what base value is that BTW (RGB? HEX?).

  2. Thanks for that :) The base colour is RGB - 176:191:189. Possibly a bit lighter than I was originally using on the Ajax, but it seems to render up well.