Saturday, January 28, 2012

Santee Update...

More work on the Santee. Added some more detail, corrected some polygon errors, rebuilt the neck completely to make it less blocky and generally moved things forward.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

USS Santee

A piece of commisioned work this time round. I was asked by Mark Wilson, over at Federation Frontiers if I would like to translate his design for the TOS era shuttle carrier, the USS Santee, in to a 3D mesh. This design initially featured in Mark's Federation Shuttlecarrier Comparison Chart, and will be appearing Erik Kristiansen's upcoming publication in the Jackill's series.

Revision to follow.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Canon, fanon and modeling...

Time for some updates. 'Twould seem that in starting to build the Endeavor, I have entered the Twilight Zone where canon and fanon collide. Canon is defined as what has appeared or occured on screen, be it big or small. Fanon is what has appeared in the ever expanding realm of fan published material - some of which is regarded as more 'official' than others.
Now, Matt Jefferies, the original designer of the Enterprise, designed the ship with a more curvaceous secondary hull. When the model was built, the secondary hull was streamlined to make it easier to physically build. When Franz Joseph published his 'Star Trek Technical Manual' in the 70's, he based his plans off Jefferies original designs - the curvaceous secondary hull was back in, along with a few other tweaks.
I originally built the Ajax and subsequently the  Enterprise based of Charles Casimiro's blueprints of the 11 foot TOS filming miniature. When I originally built the Endeavor, I used the parts that I had already built which were not quite true to the actual plans - as was pointed out to me by a reply on one of the forums.

The Jeffries/FJ designs were used as the basis for the designs in 'Ships of the Star Fleet: Vol 1'. The production design was used for the Enterprise's ship class, but the Jefferies FJ design became its own class - the Achernar. The Achernar secondary hull then became the basis of other designs in the book.
Still with me? Good. Armed with this information and scan of the plans from the book, I have rebuilt the Endeavor and also built an Achernar in to the bargain.
The Endeavor - replaced secondary hull, warp nacelle pylons moved forward in to more accurate position, nacelles elongated to match plans, bridge and B/C deck replaced with FJ versions, phaser emitters added.

The Achernar - a new build using the Endeavor primary and secondary hull with the warp nacelles from my 1701.

Still some detail to add to both.

Friday, January 13, 2012

It was....Inevitable...

A death in the family, a hurried trip to the UK to organise a funeral and a dose of Deep Vein Thrombosis on the return flight to Australia - things have not been overly conducive to the old creativity to say the least. However, a little creative urge has survived and to get me modeling again, I finally decided to take the plunge and use the elements I had made for the Ajax to create an Enterprise that I could call my own. That and I need one for an upcoming project, just to add some further impetus.

Still some details and possible corrections to go, but pleased with things so far. Then it will be time to make with the UV-ing and the texturing - something that always seems to end up a long way down the list.

Having finally got a secondary hull, my addled brain decided to go off on yet another tangent. I have always had a closet interest in the various warp engine designs that people have come up with over the years - particularly how the designs progress from the cylindrical TOS nacelles to the boxy linear TMP design. Just go with it - it's a Star Trek geek thing. Thus I present the USS Endeavour from 'Ship of the Star Fleet: Vol 1' which introduces the LN-52-SCNN warp drive unit.

Again, more detail to be added. Opens up a few more ship types that I can build.