Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy, busy...

Productive period!

First up, a revamped version of the TOS shuttle. A chance to get my head around Modo's new Pixar subdivision surfaces - a surprisingly excellent new way of trying to model smooth surfaces. Have finally managed to make headway on capturing the curving lines of the original. Corrected some detail errors from the first version into the bargain.

Also went back to the K7 model and started adding some more detail. Had made a couple of attempts to get the windows looking right, finally twigged a better way after re-doing the primary hull windows on the new Ajax. One step seems to lead to another!

Finally, had a chance to help Neo-fx with some work for 'Starship Farragut'. They needed a digital set for a Romulan viewscreen to go with the live action TOS Romulan bridge featured in the episode currently filming.

Will be intrigued to see how it looks in the final production.


  1. Man am I glad I just tracked back! Just discovered this and glad I did.

    Nice work on, well, everything :) I just love the shuttle!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, and thank you for the kind comments.
    I have been a regular, if quiet, admirer of your own work for a while.