Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ajax - Remastered...

You may be experiencing a sense of 'deja vu' - hasn't H already built this model? Yes I have, but now I am rebuilding it. Truth be told, the original version of the Ajax had a number of inaccuracies - well, at least a few details that did not tally up with my references of the 11 foot TOS miniature, which was driving my inner geek batty - as well as a few problems with the 3D mesh itself, which was irritating my inner modeler. So, it was a case of back to Modo to start again. OK maybe not entirely again - I have been able to re-use some parts of the original but at least 75% of this model is new.
The saucer outline has been tweaked to accurise it, all the windows are slightly smaller to match the photo reference I have, the inset hatches on the top of the saucer have been corrected, the connecting dorsal is a more accurate shape, details on the warp nacelle have been corrected... I think you begin to get the picture.
Click on the images for higher rez pixel candy.

I have stripped off all the textures and markings for the moment - I originally had the markings as 3D elements cut in to the geometry but I'm looking at incorporating them in to the texture maps for maximum tweakability.
More to follow...

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