Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gamers' Challenge Book Trailer


As mentioned previously, my latest project has been a book trailer for George Ivanoff's 'Gamers' Challenge', sequel to 'Gamers' Quest' which I also did the trailer for.
The visual style reflects that of the original trailer with an updated look and a bit more 'polish', and was also prompted by George's wish to replicate the text code opening of the original. The array of processors forming the outline of the 'Designers' Paradise' logo was my attempt to convey the book's concept of multiple game worlds and the synthetic nature of the characters' lives.
More fun/frustration with the Poser/Daz3D/Vue pipeline then ensues. Trying to get character clothing to move properly with the underlying figure can lead to marked premature hair loss and certainly limits animation possibilities. I was hoping to have the characters move more, but ended up using more 2D/3D moves on static characters to get what I wanted. More R&D is required on my part, methinks - need to take a closer look at 'Star Trek: Aurora' and see how its creator manages to coach his excellent results out of Poser - I suspect he avoids long flowing coats like the plague. At least the 'man de-rezzed by viral interface' proved a fun trick to pull off.
Hopefully the trailer serves its purpose and gets lots of people to buy George's book - then he can get to write the third part of his story and I have another trailer to do!