Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Con 9 Trailer

Latest addition - trailer for 'Con 9 From Outer Space' - a 'Golden Age' science fiction convention to be held in Melbourne in 2012.

This is a motion graphics only project - apologies to those hoping to see some new 3D output. To save time I have based it on a pre-made After Effects project available from VideoHive - a site where people with far more motion graphics mojo than yours truly sell projects for others to adapt and use for their own needs.
The idea of Con 9 is to have a convention focusing on pre-1965 film and television science fiction. I was initially going to link together a series of video clips but this seemed rather bland and too suggestive of the TV trope of the budget conscious 'clip show'. I spotted the 'Transporter' project over on VideoHive and thought it might be interesting use a word cloud/still image approach. Would have liked to have incorporated a few 3D elements trying to re-create FX scenes from 'This Island Earth', 'War of The Worlds' and "When Worlds Collide' but time was not on my side as I have to move rather quickly on to the book trailer  for 'Gamers' Challenge'

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