Friday, April 8, 2011

Ajax Update...

Spent my annual couple of weeks in purgatory getting all the paperwork ready for the Australian Tax Office and the mental marathon that is my yearly tax return. That is now out of the way, so back to the work at hand...
Quite a few updates to post.
Firstly, the shuttle...

Modeling complete. Markings and livery added. Looking pretty good at this point. I am in two minds as to whether to texture it or not - the original miniature does not appear to be significantly weathered, so it may well do as it is.

The Ajax... Quite a bit of work done here. Textures tweaked, details added, extra lighting and glowing phaser emitters. Word from on high is that 'they' would not change a thing. Looks like it is pretty much ready to rock and roll. Will need to apply the changes from this version to the Pilot versions as well.


  1. Awesome work on the shuttle. It really looks great with the markings on there. As for texturing, there is a school of thought on that which says that the hanger deck crew would keep these ships in good repair, so when it's launching from the ship into a mission, I would think that weathering would show a lack of maintenance. However, when on or returning from a mission, it's going to get dirty. That's just my take on it, though.

    And, as I said on 3DSciFi, I love the Ajax. You've done a stellar job (pun intended) on both meshes.

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