Friday, March 11, 2011

Ajax - Second Pilot Variant...

'Second Pilot Variant?' - I can hear some of you ask. Time for a little Star Trek history. The original pilot for Star Trek was called 'The Cage', it starred Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike. The network rejected it as 'too cerebral'. The second pilot -'Where No Man Has Gone Before', starred William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk. This version met with network approval and the show went in to full production.
For 'The Cage', most of the effects work was accomplished with a 3 foot 'study' model of the Enterprise - the more substantial 11 foot model was not delivered until late in the production, and hence only used for a couple of shots. Extra detail was added to the 11 foot model for its use in 'Where No Man..', and yet more changes were made when the show went in to full production.
The previous version of the Ajax reflects the 'Production Version', used throughout the three season run of the series. This version has been modified to match the look of the 11 footer as it appeared in the second pilot. Why? you may ask. All will be revealed...

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  1. Very nice. I did an Enterprise mesh a few years ago where I also did the Pilot variants. It's a fun thing to do